4 Weight Loss Myths, Debunked!

At Premier Health and Wellness, new patients often approach us with their concerns about their weight. Either they have found themselves gaining weight, even though their lifestyle hasn’t changed, or their efforts to lose weight on their own have been unsuccessful. When we sit in the office together, it is never surprising to learn that new patients have complicated and misinformed opinions about weight loss and our bodies.

Weight and body image is an emotional topic. Our society has taken advantage of this sensitive topic and turned it into an enterprise, twisting and distorting information about healthy weight and how to achieve health. Because of this, many of our patients believe a lot of myths about weight loss. We’re here to clear that up. Continue reading to sort out the truth and lies about weight loss and finding your body’s healthy weight

#1. Drastically Restricting Your Calorie Intake is The Best Way to Lose Weight

The thinking behind this fact is logical. In order to lose weight, your body has to burn more energy than it is taking in through food. However, that does not necessarily mean a strict, low-calorie diet is the best approach to losing weight. The truth is, an extreme diet is too hard to maintain over the long term and many dieters end up gaining back the weight they have lost when they can no longer keep up with their low-calorie eating plan.

#2. Avoid Fat to Lose Weight

Low fat diets have long been a popular method for trying to lose weight fast. What the food companies did was remove fat and replace it with sugar. While ditching fat seems like a good idea, it is actually the opposite of what we should do. In reality, we need to ditch sugar and grains and increase the good fats (avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, seeds, nuts, etc.).

#3. To Lose Weight Fast, Don’t Skip Meals

Consider what is called intermittent fasting.  This is a way to tell your body to burn fat for energy. It won’t downregulate your metabolism and you can still receive great nutrition. Eating health y is not about calorie restriction, it is more about the types of calories that are being consumed. Many are having success in treating blood sugar issues and weight issues by eating in an 8 hour window each day.  Ex:  Eat from Noon to 8pm.  – 2 health meals and fast the rest of the time. You sleep though most of it and it will boost your metabolism

#4. Overweight People Lack Self Control

In a beauty-obsessed culture, overweight or obese individuals are often written off as lazy, unmotivated or lacking self-control. While it is certainly true that many individuals can quickly lose excess weight through exercise and diet changes, for some a deeper issue is contributing to their weight gain. In individuals entering menopause or dealing with food intolerances, for instance, weight gain often has nothing to do with working harder and is instead can be blamed on hormone changes or digestion problems.

At Premier Health and Wellness, we work with patients who have tried the normal approaches to losing weight without success. Depending on the root cause of the weight gain, our office will address the issue with food intolerance testing, hormone replacement therapy and changes to diet and exercise routines. To learn more about why you aren’t losing weight, click here or call 512-459-4405 to schedule a consult with Dr. Edgerton.