5 Symptoms of Andropause

For some time now, doctors have been working with women to address the symptoms they experience as they grow older and enter menopause. More recently, doctors have started to notice that men are experiencing very similar symptoms as they age, a type of male menopause. These doctors have given these symptoms the name andropause and are working towards more education and treatments options through extensive research. In the meantime, adverse side effects associated with andropause are being addressed through multiple strategies so men can live healthy and enjoyable lives during middle age.

Here at Premier Health and Wellness, we have chosen a natural approach to treating andropause. Through lifestyle changes, the addition of supplements and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, Premier Health and Wellness can help men decrease the negative symptoms they are experiencing as they grow older. If you are reaching middle age, you should take care to watch for the onset of these symptoms so they can be addressed immediately to make growing older a more enjoyable experience. Continue reading to learn more about the most common symptoms associated with andropause.

#1. Decreased Sex Drive

As men grow older, is normal for their body’s production of certain hormones to decrease. When a drop in testosterone takes place in the male body, this frequently results in decreased sex drive. Along with a lower desire for sexual intimacy, men may also notice they experiencing difficulty maintaining erections.

#2. Fatigue or Decreased Energy Levels

During andropause, the tasks that are a normal part of your everyday life may become difficult to complete because of fatigue or decreased energy levels. Typically, lowered testosterone levels are to blame for insomnia, sleep apnea or other sleep interruptions that cause fatigue. In some cases, some of the other symptoms of andropause also cause poor sleep, resulting in lower energy levels.

#3. Changes in Mood and Depression

The hormones present in the male body play an important role in maintaining emotional well being and mental health. When men experience decreasing hormone levels as they grow older, they may also notice changes in their mood or even depression.

#4. Weight Gain and Lower Muscle Mass

While there are still some questions about the exact cause, it seems that men experience weight gain and lowered muscle mass during andropause because of the changes in hormone levels. Additionally, other symptoms of andropause such as poor sleep and change of mood may make exercise and healthy choices more difficult, resulting in weight gain.

#5. Hot Flashes

Just like women in menopause, men can experience hot flashes during andropause. Typically, the men who are experiencing hot flashes are those who have an extremely low testosterone level.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may the right choice for you. To learn more about improving your quality of life during andropause, click here or call 512-459- 4405 to schedule a consult with Dr. Edgerton.