5 Things You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

At Premier Health and Wellness, we believe looking your best goes hand-in-hand with feeling your best. When you love the body you are living in, you are more likely to care for your body, improving the health of your body over the long the long term. Because of this, we want to partner with you to help you address the issues which are holding you back from feeling confident in your skin. Unwanted or excessive hair causes many people discomfort everyday. Between the concern of others noticing your excess hair and the time and effort of managing it everyday, many of our patients are looking for a long-term solution to this annoying problem.


We have partnered with Lumenis to bring you an effective, fast, and safe solution for excess hair on your body through the LightSheer Duet.. Before beginning laser hair removal treatments, here are 5 things you should know about laser hair removal with the LightSheer Duet.


#1. How does the LightSheer Duet work?

During treatment, the laser of the LightSheer duet pulses for a fraction of a second. When this happens, the melanin pigment in hair follicle absorbs the light the laser emits, converting it to heat. The hair follicle is injured by the heat of the laser and is unable to continue to produce hair.


#2. Is laser hair removal with the LightSheer Duet Safe?

Yes. Use of the LightSheer Duet is safe on skin of any color. To guarantee your skin responds to the treatment appropriately, we always recommending beginning by treating a small patch of skin first.


#3. How does laser hair removal feel?

There is a little to no amount of discomfort associated with laser hair removal with the LightSheer Duet. We have found that this is a dramatic reduction to competing laser hair removal devices. Furthermore is very fast. An entire area can be done in a few minutes because of this new technology.


#4. How many treatments will I need?

There are so many factors at play when determining how many treatments will be needed to achieve the desired result. Patient hair type, ethnicity, and the nature of the area being treated can all change the number of total treatments. Usually 6-8 treatments will be sufficient with a possible need for a touch up every ½ to 1 year.


#5. What is recovery time after laser hair removal like?

After each treatment, you will be able to return to your normal everyday activities right away. You will walk out without any recovery time. In rare cases, patients will experience slight swelling and mild irritation, similar to sunburn. Some patients may choose to avoid applying anything irritating, like makeup, to their skin until the irritation subsides.


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