6 Daily Habits That Promote Brain Wellness

Typically, memory loss or decreased mental acuity is an expected part of growing older. Simply because this symptom of growing older is expected, that doesn’t mean it should be accepted as inevitable. The habits adult develop now can change the future of the health, and brain wellness is not an exception to that rule. Through the daily adoption of certain habits, you can increase your mental acuity and prevent memory loss.

#1. Get Enough Sleep

As you grow older, it isn’t uncommon for your sleep to begin to suffer. Still, good sleep hygiene is crucial to maintaining brain health. Various research has found that during sleep, our brain works to commit the new information we have learned to memory. If you are struggling to get enough sleep at night, add a short nap to your daily routine.

#2. Learn Something New

When you challenge your brain, you are teaching it to adapt and change. Because of this, learning new tasks and skills are essential to a healthy, aging brain. Pick something you have always been interested in, a new language, a hobby or a skill and make it a part of your free time as often as possible.

#3. Stay Active

Even though growing older may result in a loss of energy, daily exercise is a habit that should never be neglected. The benefits of exercise are countless and include increased mental acuity. If you are having trouble finding the motivation to get active, find an activity you really enjoy, such as swimming or hiking and plan for 15 minutes a day at first, increasing your activity over time.

#4. Spend Time With Friends

Isolation is never a healthy choice in any stage of life, especially as we grow older. Research has found that older adults who make a point to spend time with individuals who encourage them in their quest for wellness live longer and experience improved brain wellness.

#5. Chose a Healthy Diet

Food is an important part of maintaining wellness during all stages of life. For brain health, make sure you are eating plenty of foods containing Omega-3 Fatty Acids, which are believed to help the brain grow new cells. Omega-3 Fatty Acids can be found in salmon, flax seeds, grass-fed meat and certain dairy products.

#6. Seek Professional Health

In some cases, memory loss or decreased mental acuity may be than a symptom of aging. If you have concerns, consult a medical professional who can help you devise a plan for addressing your brain wellness concerns.

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