Hormone Replacement isn’t just for women! As men age, their bodies and hormones decline as well. For some men, hormone decline can happen much earlier. Most men don’t like to hear this, but when it comes to testosterone, they hit their peak at about age 17. Levels plateau for a while, and then slowly start to slide in their 30s and 40s. By the time a man reaches 80, his testosterone level will be about half of what it was when he was much younger.

Often the signs are subtle. Lack of energy, less interest in sex, and poor response to exercise are some of the common symptoms. The result of this is andropause, also known as male menopause (‘man on pause”).

Male hormone deficiency is defined as the natural depletion of the hormone, testosterone. The truth however is that other hormones such as DHEA, thyroid, HGH, and other hormones are critical for supporting a healthy male body. Without sufficient levels, men may have difficulty maintaining or building muscle, achieving an erection and enjoying a normal sex drive. Deficiency can lead to premature aging, chronic illness, and compromised bone health. We age because our hormones decline.

Our program is designed to evaluate baseline levels, treat with premium hormones, and monitor those levels to assure optimal health.


Replacing these hormones can provide a surge in well-being but also:


Reduces heart disease risk
Maintenance of lean body mass
Reduces sleep disturbances
Enhances sex drive and libido
Helps improve memory lapses and foggy thinking
Increases energy and reduces depression
Improves exercise stamina and recovery
Supports bone health
Improves lipid control
Prostate Protection