3 Hormones that May be Blocking Your Weight Loss Efforts

Have you been exercising and eating right, without seeing any real losses? Are you ready to feel better but can’t seem to overcome this “wall” you have hit? Do you constantly wonder what’s wrong with your body and why your efforts aren’t successful? If so, the problem may not be you – it may be […]

How Hormones Support Heart Health

If you haven’t heard yet, heart disease is still considered the number one killer of women in the United States. To make the impact of this health concern clearer, over 300,000 women die from heart disease each year, which is more than motor vehicle accidents, the flu and breast cancer.

Chest Pain: Is it a Heart Attack or Something Else?

If you have suffered chest pain, you know how scary it can be. You may have even had a complete cardiac evaluation from your physician. However, the tests were negative – you have no heart issue, but you’re still suffering from chest pain? What else may be causing this?

5 Natural Ways to Improve Digestion and GI Health

If diarrhea, constipation, nausea, heartburn, bloating and gas are a part of your daily routine, you aren’t alone. Many people in today’s modern society have digestive issues that they have just accepted as “normal,” even though they are often embarrassing, painful or inconvenient.

5 Cardiac Symptoms Women should Never Ignore

Did you know that women often fare far worse than men after they experience a cardiac event? One of the reasons for this is that it is often confusing to make sense of the warning symptoms when they arise. Women are also much less likely than men to seek help right away at the first […]

Weight Reduction and Hormones: An Unexpected Relationship

According to the fitness industry, all you have to do is balance your “calories in vs. calories out” if you want to lose weight. However, for those who have ever actually tried to lose weight, this simplistic view of the complex human body does not represent the struggle they face when trying to lose weight.

3 Signs You May Suffer from a Food Intolerance

For many people, the occasional sour stomach is no real cause for concern. It is likely the result of a case of the “nerves” or having eaten something past its expiration date. However, if your body is regularly experiencing strange symptoms that you believe may be triggered by certain foods or drinks, then you may […]

4 Habits That Promote Heart Health

No matter your age, it is crucial to adopt daily habits that promote health. Aging has long been associated with poor health and increased risk for life threatening disease, but healthy living can change the future of your health. Heart disease is responsible for one out of every four deaths. Because of this, it is […]

4 Weight Loss Myths, Debunked!

At Premier Health and Wellness, new patients often approach us with their concerns about their weight. Either they have found themselves gaining weight, even though their lifestyle hasn’t changed, or their efforts to lose weight on their own have been unsuccessful. When we sit in the office together, it is never surprising to learn that […]

5 Symptoms of Andropause

For some time now, doctors have been working with women to address the symptoms they experience as they grow older and enter menopause. More recently, doctors have started to notice that men are experiencing very similar symptoms as they age, a type of male menopause. These doctors have given these symptoms the name andropause and are working towards more […]