Having optimal hormone levels can make a huge difference in our health and how we feel. We must not, however, overlook our brain and the adrenal gland. If the Premier Health & Wellness team is near you, allow our bioidentical hormone doctor to help!

Humans are complex, and there are a number of body systems that must function in perfect harmony. There is a beautiful symphony of processes and interplay between our gastrointestinal system, hormone-producing glands, tissues, and brain. If one system is under-functioning, multiple processes can suffer & ultimately compromise optimal health.

Anti-depressant and anxiety medication use in this country is at epidemic proportions. When physicians don’t try to understand why someone feels poorly, it is an all too easy fallback to prescribe antidepressants. Despite the many appropriate uses, patients stay on these medications for too long and are not educated on the proper way to wean off them.

This is where integrative medicine comes into play. In our opinion, these medications are band-aids. We strive to understand the physiology of what may be deficient instead of tricking the brain to keep more of a neurotransmitter in the brain.

By evaluating the amino acids (neurotransmitters) of the brain, your hormone levels, and the adrenal gland, we can improve health and well-being for a multitude of problems:






Poor focus

Weight control

Poor memory


Chronic pain

Sleep disturbances


Mood changes


Stress over time can cumulatively wear on the human body. Stress comes in many forms: environmental, relationships, dietary, physical, etc. When we don’t replenish our bodies with proper nutrients, we suffer the consequences.


Our Program

We use specialized urine and saliva tests that are collected at specific times. The results then allow us to construct a treatment that can include a protocol for high-grade supplements, bioidentical hormones, or peptide therapy. We retest in 2-3 months and adjust the protocol from there.

Brain Wellness evaluations have been an incredible addition to our practice and provided multiple breakthroughs for optimal physical and mental health. If we are near you, contact our bioidentical hormone doctor today to learn more. Our integrative medicine approach is much different than you’re used to. Allow us to teach you how bioidentical hormone therapy can help you on your journey to optimal health.

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