Could Food Intolerance Testing be the Answer to Your Weight Loss Struggles?

Here at Premier Health and Wellness, we offer food intolerance testing to patients because we have seen a common theme among many of the patients who visit our offices. We consult with patients about wide variety of medical questions and concerns and there is one topic which seems to come up over of over. Patients want to know if there is a reason they are gaining weight. Patients often confess they have tried multiple diets, only to experience extreme fluctuations in their weight. Sometimes, they are visiting Premier Health and Wellness as a last ditch effort, they hope the doctor can prescribe a magic pill or give them the solution to all of their weight related problems.


The truth is, the answer is not so simple. There are many reasons why an individual may be experiencing unexplained weight gain and losing weight is more complicated than the right pill or the right diet. In fact, our society’s love of yo-yo dieting is part of the obesity problem in our country. Extreme dieting and magic pills wreak havoc on our bodies, pulling our bodies out of their natural state and often causing fluctuating weight among other physical problems.


So, if dieting isn’t the answer to maintaining a healthy weight, what is? The answer is this, there is no one-size-fit all answer to weight loss. In some cases, the answer is adopting a long-term approach to healthy eating and physical activity. We’re not talking about dieting for quick weight loss, we’re are suggesting focusing on putting your overall health first and your weight loss goals second by choosing to take a slow and steady approach to weight loss.


For others, the unfortunate truth is that a simple lifestyle change may not be enough. There may be medical reasons for unexplained weight gain, including:


  • hormonal deficiencies
  • chronic GI conditions such as inflammation, parasites, or IBS
  • diabetes or insulin resistance
  • food intolerances


Because we know food sensitivities to be directly related to problems with weight gain or difficulty losing weight, Premier Health and Wellness offers food intolerance testing the clients in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas. For some patients, this test could reveal they have intolerances to foods and consuming these foods is causing them to gain weight or struggle to lose weight.


Premiere Health and Wellness partners with Meridian Valley Lab to provide patients with an evaluation of 190 different foods (E -95 and A-95 Panel). Patients will be tested for allergies and intolerances to the most commonly eaten foods including dairy, meats, seafoods, vegetables, grains, gluten, fruits, and nuts. With the results of this test, patients can work closely with Dr. Edgerton to create a plan for which foods they should be avoiding and which they should only eat in moderation. These changes, along with a general lifestyle change and evaluation for additional medical concerns could be the first steps to a healthier life and a trimmer body.


If you are concerned about unexplained weight loss, or if you have noticed any symptoms which could be related to food intolerances, call 512.459.4405 or click here to schedule an initial evaluation.

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