Habits for a Healthy Brain

One of the most commonly believed myths about growing older is that a lack of mental clarity and sharpness is inevitable. So many people think there is no way to avoid forgetfulness and other negative stereotypes about the aging brain. At Premier Health and Wellness, that is one myth we simply do not believe. We have seen how lifestyle choices play a big role in maintaining a healthy brain as adults grow older. The human body is complex, and each of our systems depends on each other for support and optimal wellness. Because of this, we strongly believe it is so important to care for your whole body if you want a healthy brain. Continue reading to learn more about the simple habits you can make for a healthy brain.


Commit to Lifetime Learning

We have all heard the phrase, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” This is especially true as it relates to the aging brain. In so many cases, mental decline occurs simply because the brain is not being challenged through lifetime learning. Make a commitment to lifetime learning, take a class, pick up a new hobby, or start reading everyday. All of these things will help your brain to stay sharp.


Feed Your Body and Your Brain

Here in the United States, we eat so many foods which are hard on our bodies and our brains. A diet filled with sugar, processed and high fat foods can negatively affect both learning and memory. For a health brain, eat a nutrient rich diet full of vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats. Avoid drinking excessively, reserving alcohol for special occasions and only drinking moderately when you do.


Get Plenty Sleep

With work and family life to manage, it can be easy to sacrifice sleep when you want to keep up with everything on your to-do list. A good night’s rest is incredibly important to brain functioning and being chronically under resting cause mental decline and put you at higher risk for stroke.


Move it!

Without plenty of exercise, our brains will decline. Find exercise you love. It doesn’t matter what you do as much as it matters that you just move on a regular basis. Make a goal of exercising for at least half an hour four or five days a week if you want to avoid loss of cognitive function as you age.


Consider Hormone Therapy

Sometimes, our brains suffer because our hormone levels have become unbalanced. Hormone therapy can help your body achieve the balance it needs to perform each function and maintain overall wellness.


At Premier Health and Wellness, we offer brain wellness evaluations and a treatment plan created specifically for your unique needs. To schedule an initial visit with the doctor, click here or call 512.459.4405.

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