How Hormones Support Heart Health

If you haven’t heard yet, heart disease is still considered the number one killer of women in the United States. To make the impact of this health concern clearer, over 300,000 women die from heart disease each year, which is more than motor vehicle accidents, the flu and breast cancer.

This is a staggering number that brings light on the fact that it is important to figure out what increases the risk of heart disease as a woman ages. The fact is, the connection is rather simple. There is a direct link between menopause and heart disease.

The Role of Estrogen

Estrogen is the hormone that women have an abundance of before going through menopause and it is a major protector for the heart. Once estrogen disappears, women will catch up with and often surpass men in regard to having a higher number of heart attacks, suffering cardiac disease and even strokes.

Today, there are more than 52 women who are over the age of 50 and who should seek prescriptions for bioidentical hormones. These would help to reduce the risk of heart disease by over 60 percent.

The Link between Hormones and Heart Health

When women are in their 20s and 30s their bodies are full of hormones. This means they are full of estradiol and progesterone and even testosterone. This provides plenty of energy, a healthy sex drive and minimizes wrinkles. Weight loss is pretty easy during this time and skin is glowing and healthy. Hormones are the foundation that help women remain healthy while they are young. They also support immune function, helping women overcome common illnesses, such as the cold in just 48 hours.

When a woman reaches her 40s, things begin to change. The body is manufacturing fewer hormones, ovulation is irregular and the quality will diminish until no more eggs are produced at all. This is the beginning of menopause. At this point, wrinkles are going to begin to appear, midriff bulges will spill over, energy reserves drop and sleep is often unpleasant with hot flashes, palpitations, night sweats and even anxiety.

Inside the body, the loss of essential hormones increases levels of bad-cholesterol, plaque in the arteries and shortness of breath. A factor that complicates the matter even more is the fact that women don’t experience heart disease like men do.

Heart Disease in Women

When hormones drop and heart issues become a more serious risk, the issue is not always clear. Chest pain isn’t always the main symptom and women may indicate exhaustion, persistent coughing, arm pain, jaw aches and even a nagging toothache.

Many women are misdiagnosed and even die because the studies on various treatments for heart disease have only been conducted with men.

The fact is, bioidentical hormones can be a huge help for women who are near menopause and who want to avoid the adverse effects and symptoms this time in life can cause. These hormones are created to be identical to natural hormones and when they are taken before menopause, they can help prevent heart disease.

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