Bioidentical Hormones

There is a continuous symphony of processes in our body that work in a harmonious way. Our bodies, however, change as we age. Additionally, we are being constantly bombarded by stressors that alter this balance in our systems. The environment, our diet, relationships – they all have a stressful impact on our health. Hormones are a vital part of keeping our systems functioning at their best.

It is hard to believe that the standard of current medical thinking states that replacement of the hormones women and men have enjoyed their entire life will all of a sudden put them in grave danger.



Regaining Hormonal Balance is Easier Than You Think

You’d be surprised how quickly you can restore your hormones to optimal levels and start looking better, feeling better, and living better, free of the Menopausal & Andropausal symptoms that haunt you.


Yes, the same hormones that nurture a growing fetus and keep women and men youthful. The same hormones that keep the breasts full, bones strong, the colon healthy, the mind sharp, skin vibrant, and sexuality soaring.

Yet, instead of embracing our physiology and the hormones we need for survival, physicians have been blindsided by the pharmaceutical industry and the notion that synthetic hormones are as safe as what our body naturally gives us.


What are bioidentical hormones?

These are generally plant derived substances that are engineered to have the exact chemical structure as the hormones in our bodies. The body recognizes these “natural” hormones as their own. Hormone replacement can have amazing benefit. Here are a few:

Improves energy
Better memory and mental acuity
Cardio protection
Weight loss
Bone health
Reduce or eliminate symptoms of PMS and PCOS
Reduce or eliminate menopausal symptoms
Balance of mood and less depression
Maintenance of good skin, hair and teeth
Improves muscle definition and normalization of weight
Enhances libido and sexuality

Hormones, Aging, and Disease

Hormone replacement is not a new invention. Replacement with bioidentical hormones isn’t either. Popularity of natural hormone replacement and returning to a focus on physiology is what is novel. The most significant factor driving the increased interest in bioidentical hormones is the rising fear that conventional HRT is posing a significant risk. There are clear benefits to hormone replacement.

For physicians the question should not be if we are to replace hormone deficiencies, but rather which hormone is the best for our patient. If we (physicians) can base our decisions on physiology, medical evidence, and the best hormone replacement, we will be doing the best for our patients. With the mass media controlling the pulse and ultimately the fear of the public, even physicians can get bogged down with what may be best. It seems an easy alternative would be to just advise women to not take any hormones and just embrace the aging process. This is not the right approach!


Compounded Hormones

The experts from the menopausal and gynecological academies claim that there are no studies to support the use or benefit of compounded bioidentical hormones as opposed to conventional, pre-manufactured products. True. The FDA approval process for synthetic drugs is meant to prove that a drug is effective for the purpose intended, is absorbed properly, and maintains adequate serum levels to guarantee efficacy. These conventional, manufactured drugs are standardized and guaranteed to have a certain consistency and effectiveness.

So how do we know that the prescriptions compounded by hand in compounding pharmacies are consistent and effective? We simply test levels in our patients and assure that what we prescribe consistently provides protective levels with the pharmacies we use. If we weren’t seeing good levels, we would question the pharmacy on the source of their pure ingredients and their compounding process. Compounding pharmacies can have different procedures, but we must assure through serum testing that what is being dispensed provides exact amounts of hormones and efficacy.



Thyroid is a hormone secreted by the thyroid gland. It regulates temperature, metabolism, and cerebral function. Over time, the amount of thyroid hormone decreases and conversion from T4 to T3 is decreased. Patients can have normal labs and symptoms of thyroid deficiency. The range of “normal” thyroid is so wide that many individuals are suffering from insufficient thyroid despite having values in the normal range. There is a wide range of benefits for the thyroid hormone:

Increases energy
Increases fat breakdown
Weight loss
Lowers cholesterol
Cardiovascular protection
Improves cerebral metabolism
Prevents cognitive impairment
Protects against bone loss
Assists with irregular menses & ovulation
Improves thin sparse hair and nails
Improvement of bipolar disorder



Pregnenolone is a steroid hormone synthesized from cholesterol and naturally found in the brain, gonads, and adrenal gland. It is the precursor to DHEA, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Pregnenolone is an imperative “brain-supporting” hormone that often decreases with age, leading to memory ailments, mood changes, stress and anxiety. Replenishing pregnenolone levels can lead to improved stress and anxiety, balanced mood, memory function, better sleep.



Estrogen is predominately a female hormone produced in the ovaries and the adrenal glands. The female body produces three types of estrogen. Estradiol is the most abundant during the reproductive years. Estrone becomes the most prominent in untreated menopause. Estriol is the byproduct of the other two and has the weakest estrogenic effect. In addition to the cosmetic benefits – stronger hair, smoother skin, and improved muscle tone, estrogen has been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, and colon cancer. Additionally, there is protection and/or reduction of stroke, cholesterol, Alzheimer ‘s disease, menopause symptoms, memory loss, genital tract atrophy and depression.

We must learn not to fear estrogen. If it were harmful, then we would remove women’s ovaries after childbearing.



Both men and women have testosterone in their bodies. Testosterone is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands, ovaries, and testes. This amazing hormone goes beyond controlling sex drive to give the body true vitality. We have seen from medical studies that optimal testosterone can:

Increase lean muscle mass
Increase endurance
Decrease fat
Increase exercise tolerance
Enhance well being
Improve bone density
Improve skin tone
Improve healing
Cardiovascular protection
Decrease blood pressure
Improve depression
Prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia
Improve lipids
Improve insulin sensitivity
Increase libido
Enhance sexual performance



Progesterone gets it’s name from being the hormone of pregnancy (Pro-gestational-hormone). Progesterone is secreted by the ovary. There are receptor sites in the uterus, breast, vagina, blood vessels and brain. One of its primary roles to maintain balance with estrogen. When women reach their forties, progesterone typically is the first hormone to slack off. This is mainly because ovulation is slowing down. This is what some term estrogen dominance but truly it is progesterone deficiency. Progesterone’s amazing qualities include:

Decreased menstrual bloating

Decreased menstrual headache

Protection from uterine cancer

Protection from breast cancer

Improves libido

Reduces bloating

Improves sleep

Improves mood

Reduction of PMS and menopause symptoms

Helps with polycystic ovarian syndrome

Improves osteoporosis, ovarian cysts, fibrocystic disease

Increases HDL cholesterol (Heart Dz prevention)



DHEA is a hormone secreted by nerve tissue and the adrenal glands. It is an endocrine precursor to other hormones (Testosterone, Progesterone, and Estrogen). This is one of our stress hormones and is a backup to the cortisol production in our bodies.  DHEA levels fall with age but maintaining an optimal level helps:


Reduce cardiovascular disease
Improve mood & well being
Decrease cholesterol and body fat
Prevent osteoporosis
Assist with sleep
FDA approved for lupus
Improve erectile dysfunction
Protect against insulin resistance
Improve immunity
Prevention of diabetes/obesity
Possible reduction of depressive symptoms
Decrease accumulation of abdominal fat