Laser Hair Removal: Why it’s MY choice

Telling someone what you do for a living doesn’t necessarily have to define you, but I have a unique occupation that it kind of does. I’m a gynecologist’s Medical Assistant, and I’ve been doing this type of thing in this field for almost my entire professional life. I jokingly say that vagina is my life, but in all reality, it sorta is. I’m the girl you call when you’re period is funky or your birth control is making you crazy. I’m the call you make when you have suspicious bumps or an unexplained odor, and your mind is racing over the last person you may or may not have unprotected sex. I like talking you down from the ledge, lifting you up when you need it, and treating you, hopefully, how I would like to be treated in the same situation.


My First Laser Hair Removal Treatment

So when my job started offering laser hair removal treatments, and I tried it, I saw some pretty amazing benefits from it based on what I see daily. It’s not just fun because you don’t have to shave, and it’s pain-free (I’ll touch on this more later…), but there are some serious health benefits that I’ve seen from doing it. Firstly, the possibility of angry, inflamed ingrown body hair follicles is all but eliminated. Every girl knows how massively annoying ingrown hair can be, especially if they get infected. Laser hair removal penetrates the shaft of the hair follicles, completely eliminating the issue of an ingrown ruining your weekend.


Not to mention the irritating razor burn following a close shave around the bikini line. If you’re anything like me, I have about 12 hours before my perfectly shorn bikini line turns into a war zone. Which just happens to coincide with that boat party where I get to sit in the lake with my raw, exposed skin all day. Awesome.


Also, this is an interesting, albeit lesser-known fact. UTIs and bacterial infections are very common with our patients, mainly because of the infrequency they hydrate themselves in combination with working out and the humidity in our fine city. Most UTIs are caused by the same thing – E.Coli – which is a bacteria that comes from our stool. By doing laser hair removal treatments on your full bikini (highly recommend), which incorporates the perineum and rectal area, I’ve seen chronic UTIs in certain patients diminish. By taking away any unwanted body hair from that area, you also take away any potential bacteria that like to hide. This goes double for the pubic hair around the vagina.


Laser Treatments Helped My Life

Now, onto the second area of my life that laser hair removal has significantly made easier. You see, I’m not just an MA extraordinaire in my daily life; I’m also a full-time single mommy of a precocious five-year-old boy. The reason laser hair removal has been a lifesaver from this aspect of my life is quite simple – time-saver! My shower time is cut in half if I don’t have to bend or sit down to shave all my nooks and crannies. I hardly get any time alone, and shower time is no exception. It’s so nice to wake up, rinse off, and face the day – I can wear shorts, short sleeves, tank tops, and swim attire and have the utmost confidence that my skin is bare and not prickly to the touch. It’s a lovely feeling to have smooth and soft skin.


Best Laser Hair Removal in Austin, TX

So this is my perspective on why laser hair removal is such a game changer for me and my life. And why I think it’s the BEST choice out there for my patients, better than shaving and definitely better than waxing! Our LightSheer DUET laser is top-of-the-line (there are only two in Austin!), pain-free (I promise!), and takes about 5-15 minutes a session, depending on the area of body hair being worked on in your laser hair removal treatment. We run spa specials monthly and have openings all day! Come by and check it out for yourself!!


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