Laser Hair Removal


Premier Health & Wellness is offering the latest technology in removing unwanted hair for both men and women! We are one of two practices in Austin that offer the LightSheer DUET laser hair removal option. It is a safe, fast and effective way towards your permanent hair reduction needs.


The LightSheer DUET is a high speed laser that emits a beam of highly concentrated light that passes through the skin to the hair follicle. The hair absorbs the light and heats up to destroy the hair follicle which will impede its ability to regrow. The LightSheer DUET laser is virtually painless and is able to cover larger surface areas, cutting treatment times in half.


Areas that are safely treated include the face, bikini areas, arms, armpits, back, chest and legs. How many treatments you need depends upon your skin color, hair color and coarseness of the hair. Since hair grows in cycles, and the process is only effective on hair during the early growing cycle, everyone will require repeat sessions.


Imagine having smooth, hair-free skin without the need for shaving, waxing, plucking or having to go through electrolysis to remove your unwanted hair. The LightSheer DUET is the answer!



LightSheer DUET – How it Works



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