Premier Lavish Lashes Provide a Dramatic Look

If you struggle with thinning lashes, or simply want to increase the fullness and length of your lashes, you might be the perfect candidate for lash extensions by Premier Health & Wellness. Our lashes, provided by our aesthetician, Crystal Miears, provide a full, long look that will allow you to ditch mascara entirely.

About Lavish Lashes

In general, cosmetic spas rely heavily on synthetic lashes, which are thick and stubby, and look little like actual human eyelashes. Women who had these lashes often report they are irritating to wear, making their eyelids feel heavy. Synthetic lashes are popular because they are cheap. However, they can only be worn for a single wear, which is roughly three to four weeks.

Because of what we know about synthetic lashes, when we began to consider adding lash extensions to our spa menu at Premier Health & Wellness, we knew that we did not want to use synthetic lashes. We believe that any supplemental beauty products should look natural and believable without creating discomfort for the wearer. So, it simply made sense to use Lavish Lashes for all of our lash extensions. Lavish lashes are mink lash extensions. These lashes are ultra-fine and lightweight, making them incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. Because the fiber of mink lashes are soft and fine, the curl easily and closely resemble human lashes.

While mink lashes are more expensive than synthetic lashes, they are higher quality and last up to 25 times as long as synthetic lashes. Even though the initial investment is larger, it is smart investment providing a higher quality lash that will last for months after application.

About the Process of Applying Lash Extension

At Premier Health & Wellness, our lash extensions are applied by an aesthetician who has certified training working with Lavish Lashes. These lashes are applied directly to each natural lash. We use a high-quality, non-toxic adhesive that is approved by the FDA as a surgical grade adhesive.

Both the lashes and the adhesive are completely safe for both your skin and your lashes. Because they are semi-permanent, you can expect your extensions to shed slowly along with your natural lashes.

Why Hire a Certified Aesthetician

Choosing a spa and a technician to apply your lashes is a task that should be taken seriously. First, it is important that the person you hire not only has a positive reputation for their cosmetic work in your area. Secondly, it is crucial that person you hire has certification specific to the procedure being done. This is why, at Premier Health & Wellness, we work with an aesthetician who has a Lavish Lash certification and extensive experience applying these lashes. To learn more about the lash extension services provide by Premier Health & Wellness, click here or call 512-459-4405 to schedule an initial consultation.