How Probiotics Can Help You Lose Weight

At Premier Health and Wellness in Austin, we will be the first to tell you the benefits of taking probiotics. We have seen how the addition of probiotics can heal your gut, relieve IBS, and we have seen how they can help you lose weight. There is no easy answer to healthy and lasting weight loss, however there are daily choices you can make to assist your body in finding your ideal body weight.

Helping your nutrition

Our first approach to weight loss is always balanced nutrition and regular exercise. When balanced nutrition and regular exercise are not enough, there may be something bigger going on with your body. This is when the practitioners at Premier Health and Wellness can begin to explore other options including food intolerance testing or a 6 day detox diet.

Probiotics are one way we help our patients achieve a healthy weight. In healthcare, we have seen how a wounded gut can lead to weight gun. The healthy bacteria in your gut gains energy from the food you eat, burning around 4 to 10 percent of the calories you consume and it helps you maintain a normal hormonal balance.

We have also seen how an imbalance of unhealthy bacteria can cause you to gain weight. In one study, toxic bacteria caused weight gain in animals with no other contributing factors.

One particular study by the British Journal of Nutrition looked at 125 overweight men and women for 12 weeks. The participants were all asked to follow a predetermined weight loss program. Meanwhile, half of the overweight men and women were given probiotic pills and the other half were given a placebo pill. When the 12 week program was over, the results were convincing—the women who were taking a placebo lost 5.7 pounds and the women taking probiotics lost almost twice as much, average 9.7 pounds lost.

The general belief about probiotics is that they play a big role in repairing our damaged guts. When your gut is damaged, molecules are able to enter your bloodstream and you may have trouble absorbing important nutrients. When certain molecules can easily enter your bloodstream, they may be at fault for weight gain and related chronic conditions such as high blood pressure or type II diabetes.

At Premier Health and Wellness, we work closely with our patients to create an individualized approach to weight loss. We understand that no two bodies are the same, but we believe that through balanced nutrition and exercise—along with more specialized approaches such as the addition of probiotics—we can help you achieve your healthiest body ever.

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