Estrogen dominance is the state of hormonal balance in which estrogen is in overabundance compared to progesterone and testosterone. This doesn’t necessarily mean that estrogen is overproduced, it simply means that estrogen levels are imbalanced compared to the other two. The reasons can vary, and it can affect men and women. What is Estrogen? Estrogen […]


We are all familiar with the female sex hormone called estrogen,  but another key female hormone produced is progesterone. Many women are familiar with progesterone as a hormone that is essential for fertility and for pregnancy. Once a woman hits perimenopause, progesterone production in the ovaries starts to decline. By the time she reaches menopause, […]


As many of us know, estrogen is the main female sex hormone that in a woman’s body. It is very common for estrogen levels to fluctuate at various times of the month and through a woman’s lifetime. It is found in both men and women. While its main role is to manage the reproductive system, […]