Bones are the skeleton that keeps us together and keeps us mobile. Hormones are really important to bone health and strength. When we are young, we don’t really think of it in those terms. We don’t think about how strong or weak our bones are or how important it is to keep them strong. We […]


Millions of people are bloated right now. Maybe you have trouble closing that zipper after a meal. Or maybe you just feel so filled up with air. You may even notice that food baby only comes around after eating a specific food. Either way, bloating comes in many forms and happens for many reasons. A […]


Your thyroid—a small gland in your neck—has a huge impact on your body. It produces the thyroid hormone (TH), which is responsible for several functions including management of your metabolism, heartbeat, temperature, mood, bowel movements, and more, in check. When the thyroid does not produce enough TH, this is an underactive thyroid. A thyroid health […]