Estrogen dominance is the state of hormonal balance in which estrogen is in overabundance compared to progesterone and testosterone. This doesn’t necessarily mean that estrogen is overproduced, it simply means that estrogen levels are imbalanced compared to the other two. The reasons can vary, and it can affect men and women. What is Estrogen? Estrogen […]


Myths about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) prevent many women and men from taking advantage of the health benefits provided by BHRT. Hormone therapy, while on the rise in popularity, still maintains a somewhat unfavorable view primarily due to the idea that the use of estrogens causes an increased risk for strokes, heart attack, heart […]


Weight management can be hard enough, but to add to that dilemma we have suboptimal food choices. If that weren’t hard enough, add hormonal imbalances into the mix and now we’ve got an excruciating uphill battle to lose weight or maintain. No pill, injection, or treatment will provide a healthy, sustainable weight loss.


Think of cortisol as nature’s built-in alarm system. It is your body’s main stress hormone. It works with certain parts of your brain to control your mood, motivation, and fear. Cortisol is made in the adrenal glands in your kidneys. We are all pretty familiar with the ‘fight-or-flight’ instinct in a crisis, and cortisol plays […]


We are all familiar with the female sex hormone called estrogen,  but another key female hormone produced is progesterone. Many women are familiar with progesterone as a hormone that is essential for fertility and for pregnancy. Once a woman hits perimenopause, progesterone production in the ovaries starts to decline. By the time she reaches menopause, […]


A good majority of our hormones are produced in the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is known as the master gland that controls the functions of other important glands, such as the adrenal gland. The human body has two adrenal glands, one sits on top of each kidney.


As many of us know, estrogen is the main female sex hormone that in a woman’s body. It is very common for estrogen levels to fluctuate at various times of the month and through a woman’s lifetime. It is found in both men and women. While its main role is to manage the reproductive system, […]


Bones are the skeleton that keeps us together and keeps us mobile. Hormones are really important to bone health and strength. When we are young, we don’t really think of it in those terms. We don’t think about how strong or weak our bones are or how important it is to keep them strong. We […]


It is possible for a woman’s testosterone production to be too high or too low. Because testosterone is a key hormone in the body, a testosterone imbalance can have quite an impact on your health and well-being. Although testosterone is often thought of as a “male hormone”, it’s actually vital to women as well. Optimal […]


When we talk about the role that hormones play on various aspects of our body, we can’t forget the impact it makes on the most vital organ- the heart. When it comes to heart health, hormones play a leading role. The way they are functioning in the body directly impacts the cardiovascular system, the heart […]