Our bodies are home to a vast quantity of bacteria, so much so that we actually have more bacterial DNA than we have human DNA. The functional medicine world has honed in on these microorganisms due to their increasing significance in overall health and well-being. Collectively, these microorganisms are known as our microbiome, and they […]


A good majority of our hormones are produced in the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is known as the master gland that controls the functions of other important glands, such as the adrenal gland. The human body has two adrenal glands, one sits on top of each kidney.


Keeping our bodies and minds healthy is the most talked about topic these days. More and more studies are coming out about various products and regimens that are very beneficial to our bodies. One of these includes the spice turmeric, a golden spice that has been used to treat inflammation, bacterial infections, and digestive issues. […]

Why we all need Vitamin D

I don’t know about you, but when I walk down the supplement aisle, I am immediately so overwhelmed. Where do I even begin? Which ones are truly necessary? Which are going to be a waste of money? Please don’t bother putting yourself through that when I have already done the research to narrow it down […]


It’s no secret that we are living amongst chaos right now with the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Everyone is trying to figure out the best way to protect themselves and each other, but no one has a direct answer or solution yet. I bet many of us have done our own research on what we […]

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