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“Dr. Edgerton and all of the staff here are just exceptional! Life before bio-identical hormone replacement was way too challenging and so much better after. I no longer feel pushed to the edge and dealing with all of the issues that go with menopause. I lived in physical pain and extreme discomfort, but no longer. I can sleep, I can think and am a joy to be around again; it’s nice to have “me” back again. I can’t thank Dr. Edgerton and that staff enough! Also, it’s just not hormone replacement that they have helped me with; they have a great program for overall health and wellness. This practice really wants you to have optimal health and they are committed to improving your health from several angles – knowing my food allergies and staying away from them has helped shed the pounds and detecting and treating a few gut infections made everything so much better. The support you receive is great, it’s not the rush you and in and hurry you out type of practice; it’s what true healthcare should be.”