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“I was miserable having entered menopause at 52 experiencing the majority the “normal” symptoms; hot flashes that radiated from the inside-out, night sweats, moodiness beyond belief, etc., etc. I finally gave in, with the encouragement from those that love me, and sought help from a local doctor. All too quickly I was given a prescription for synthetic estrogen (with an option for anti-depressants) – ugh – definitely not the route I wanted to take -and- didn’t take! On top of all of this – I experienced thyroid cancer and was placed on synthetic thyroid medication after surgery which made the ability to sleep at night nearly impossible. Did I mention how miserable I was?*

Shortly after informing those I love that I would not be taking the synthetic hormones, my husband met Dr. Edgerton while taking a class. While doing a project together they had a chance to exchange professional information and Dr. Edgerton suggested that I check into Premier Health and Wellness. When my husband told me – I reached out immediately to Dr. Edgerton who quickly made me feel very comfortable. He answered all my questions exchanging several e-mails before making my appointment. After meeting Dr. Edgerton and starting on the plan he suggested, I knew my guardian angels had been looking out for me!

Dr. Edgerton made me feel very comfortable and his sincerity to help was felt immediately. My gratitude is heart felt when I say thank you to Dr. Edgerton and Dr. Edgerton for caring about those of us beyond child bearing age! Hormones, or rather the lack of hormones, were controlling my life ….. Now, with the help of natural HRT, I’m in control again! OH YES – life is good!*

I have also switched to a natural thyroid replacement medication and could not be happier. I sleep so much better at night and feel better, overall, on the natural medication versus the synthetic.

I have nothing but positive comments regarding Bioidentical Hormones and the entire staff of Premier Health and Wellness; everyone is extremely professional and responsive. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Edgerton, and Premier Health and Wellness, to anyone who seeks an opinion! “

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