Maria Ester

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Dr. Edgerton is a god sent.  I’m a 66 year old woman that has  reached this mature young age begrudgingly.  My energy level was low and I was waking up frequently.  I had seen my regular Dr. over the past years and like most doctors was  pushing me toward  synthetic hormone replacement, which I’m not a fan.  I finally reached out to  Dr. Edgerton – I was hesitant as I always liked seeing female doctors for gynecology issues.  I was very impressed – he  only prescribes natural hormone remedies but also suggests diet changes to help you grow into your new age.  He is patient and knowledgeable and actually really cares about women’s health.  It’s been several months and my energy is the best ever – I’m eating healthier – sleeping better and trying to walk more.  We are still working on that one.    I can go on and on about how he has helped me – instead I’ll just continue seeing him.  Thank you Dr. E.

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