Patricia P.

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I have been seeing Dr. Edgerton for over a year and his work and care have changed my life. After surgery several years ago my health was slowly deteriorating and I didn’t know the cause until I learned, through research, about hormone replacement therapy. I had so many symptoms which seemed to point toward that as the cause, I decided to pursue the therapy as a possible solution, and that was definitely the right decision for me.

I searched for the best physician I could find in the field of HRT and made an appointment with Dr. Edgerton who was a 5 star physician. Over the past year Dr. Edgerton has brought my hormones in balance which in turn corrected problems with my skin, hair, teeth, nails, sleep, mood, and stress coping abilities to name just a few improvements. Dr. Edgerton worked slowly with the doses and now I feel better than I have in years. Before the year was over I started dating and am now engaged! For a retired widow that was certainly a surprise!

So thank you, Dr. Edgerton, for taking care of me and giving me back my life!

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