Terri J.

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The Very Best. Caring. Ethical. Efficient.  Premier Health & Wellness is Great!
I love the Doctor and Staff at Premier Health & Wellness. I went to them after years of problems following a Hysterectomy and a very bad experience at Austin HWC (Hormone Wellness Center).  At  HWC you didn’t get to see the Doctor and they “repeatedly” overdosed me causing my hair to fall out ( didn’t pay attention to my labs).

Dr. E is wonderful!  I meet with him EVERY APPOINTMENT and together we go over my labs, discuss my symptons, plan of attack for moving forward.  He’s been very careful with me, ensuring we get my hormones up while protecting my health, hair, other.  I had 0 hormones when we started and was in extreme deficit. Felt terrible, was scared and angry about how I felt and previous experiences. Dr. E has earned my trust. Over time we’ve improved my numbers, improved my health.  We are still working on things, we’re not done and it is a process, however, great progress has been made. I’m stable in many areas, working on others, feel good about the Hormone Therapy program, the care I’m receiving. This is an extremely ethical practice. My husband is also a patient and is getting good results from his own Hormone Therapy Program.

Now about the wonderful Stacey.  I’ve had to work with Stacey a lot!  She helps me get the right supplements, checks me out after every appointment, helps me with invoices especially the correct documents for using my health care funds. Poor woman has been through the wringer assisting me and yet never says no, is always courteous, friendly and always comes through for me. I adore her. What an asset she is to Dr. staff.  The entire staff has helped me and my husband at one time or other.  I’m blessed to have found this practice, don’t know what I’d have done if not.

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