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Our Patients Say it Best

“My journey into hormonal imbalance began after my now 14 y.o. son was born. Changes in the frequency of my period prompted visits to my OB/GYN. I was given Provera which helped for about six months but then the changes began again. I decided not to take Provera and just deal with the changes. I experienced perimenopause for a few years before menopause came crashing in on me. It seems as if overnight my digestion came to a standstill, my heart began racing, I couldn’t sleep, and daily anxiety attacks left me unable to eat. Every doctor I went to tried to convince me that it wasn’t hormones even though I knew it was. Doctors tried to diagnose me with IBS, depression, and nerve disorders but dismissed hormonal imbalance. I had to use anti-anxiety medication just to function each day.  One doctor even wanted to remove part of my large intestine because the bowels just didn’t want to work on their own. I’ve been in the emergency room twice due to vomiting and unable to eat due to anxiety and racing heart. I’ve watched my husband and son try to help me just get through the day while I was curled up on the couch. I suffered through these wrong diagnoses for three years before I found a doctor that would prescribe bio-identical hormones. Having researched the difference between synthetic and bio-identical hormones, I knew I wanted what my body needed most. Within a short period of time, I began to feel alive again. My digestion began to work, I was sleeping well, and my moods improved. I have educated myself on Bio-identical Hormones replacement and the effects that hormonal imbalance can have on a woman’s life, and I am a firm believer that hormones have made a huge difference in the quality of my life. Thank you.”


I don’t have enough words of appreciation, impression and general comfort I feel when go to this office. These people are amazing and I have never felt more comfortable at the doctor in my life. Their bedside manner is as truly nonpareil as their medical knowledge. I feel my health is in very good hands with these people and constantly recommend them.  If you want a personal and comfortable doctor experience in Austin, this to me is the only place to go. Keep up the amazing work, Dr Edgerton et al. Y’all rock

Mel B.

Dr. Edgerton is very thorough and has addressed my many issues including my low vit D, low Progesterone causing sleeplessness, and treating things like my PCOS.  I took birth control for 14 years and I was surprised to find out from Dr Edgerton that birth control pills INCREASE your chances for breast cancer. I feel great now, and am no longer tired, I sleep all night and look at least 7 years younger than I did. I have been going to Dr. Edgerton for over 5 years and I have to tell you I have NO symptoms that my friends (my friends that are my age!) complain about., They all have hot flashes, dry skin, no libido, are tired, have irregular periods and cannot sleep. I have not one of those issues. I have recommended Dr. Edgerton to all my friends!


I LOVE this office! Everyone is amazing and very professional. When I  went through menopause, my GYN doctor just handed me a prescription for Prozac, and basically said “good luck”.   Until I met Dr. Edgerton did I realize that it could be different.  Dr. Edgerton spent incredible amount of  time with me explaining the details of my lab work. He has been so patient and kind with my hormone journey.  Now at 54 years old I feel better than ever. The other services in his office are equally as wonderful. The laser hair removal machine they use doesn’t hurt like the usual snapping of rubber bands feeling you get with other laser machines. Can’t say enough about Holly the Nurse Practitioner, she is amazing.  All and all this office truly cares about your experience and your health.


Premier Health and Wellness is amazing! First off, Dr. E inspires me having left his old way of doing things to create this magical office that supports integrative health. Dr. E. helped me with what I thought might have been a thyroid issue but turns out, it was not. I highly recommend this place!-

Malia S.

Dr Edgerton & Staff are above & beyond Excellent!  I am very thankful for a doctor who is knowledgeable in hormones and the importance of keeping the levels balanced safely.  When I found out Dr Edgerton actually visited the compounding facility he wanted to use to make sure they were the best, I knew he was the doctor I wanted to go to for my care. He and his staff are compassionate, have integrity, and go the extra mile to make sure I am feeling & doing my best. Thank you and God Bless!

Gina K.

Dr. Edgerton is a god sent.  I’m a 66 year old woman that has  reached this mature young age begrudgingly.  My energy level was low and I was waking up frequently.  I had seen my regular Dr. over the past years and like most doctors was  pushing me toward  synthetic hormone replacement, which I’m not a fan.  I finally reached out to  Dr. Edgerton – I was hesitant as I always liked seeing female doctors for gynecology issues.  I was very impressed – he  only prescribes natural hormone remedies but also suggests diet changes to help you grow into your new age.  He is patient and knowledgeable and actually really cares about women’s health.  It’s been several months and my energy is the best ever – I’m eating healthier – sleeping better and trying to walk more.  We are still working on that one.    I can go on and on about how he has helped me – instead I’ll just continue seeing him.  Thank you Dr. E.

Maria Ester

I have been seeing Dr. Edgerton for over a year and his work and care have changed my life. After surgery several years ago my health was slowly deteriorating and I didn't know the cause until I learned, through research, about hormone replacement therapy. I had so many symptoms which seemed to point toward that as the cause, I decided to pursue the therapy as a possible solution, and that was definitely the right decision for me. I searched for the best physician I could find in the field of HRT and made an appointment with Dr. Edgerton who was a 5 star physician. Over the past year Dr. Edgerton has brought my hormones in balance which in turn corrected problems with my skin, hair, teeth, nails, sleep, mood, and stress coping abilities to name just a few improvements. Dr. Edgerton worked slowly with the doses and now I feel better than I have in years. Before the year was over I started dating and am now engaged! For a retired widow that was certainly a surprise! So thank you, Dr. Edgerton, for taking care of me and giving me back my life!

Patricia P.

<h5>“Dr. Edgerton and all of the staff here are just exceptional! Life before bio-identical hormone replacement was way too challenging and so much better after. I no longer feel pushed to the edge and dealing with all of the issues that go with menopause. I lived in physical pain and extreme discomfort, but no longer. I can sleep, I can think and am a joy to be around again; it’s nice to have “me” back again. I can’t thank Dr. Edgerton and that staff enough! Also, it’s just not hormone replacement that they have helped me with; they have a great program for overall health and wellness. This practice really wants you to have optimal health and they are committed to improving your health from several angles – knowing my food allergies and staying away from them has helped shed the pounds and detecting and treating a few gut infections made everything so much better. The support you receive is great, it’s not the rush you and in and hurry you out type of practice; it’s what true healthcare should be.”</h5>


“I was miserable having entered menopause at 52 experiencing the majority the “normal” symptoms; hot flashes that radiated from the inside-out, night sweats, moodiness beyond belief, etc., etc. I finally gave in, with the encouragement from those that love me, and sought help from a local doctor. All too quickly I was given a prescription for synthetic estrogen (with an option for anti-depressants) – ugh – definitely not the route I wanted to take -and- didn’t take! On top of all of this – I experienced thyroid cancer and was placed on synthetic thyroid medication after surgery which made the ability to sleep at night nearly impossible. Did I mention how miserable I was?* Shortly after informing those I love that I would not be taking the synthetic hormones, my husband met Dr. Edgerton while taking a class. While doing a project together they had a chance to exchange professional information and Dr. Edgerton suggested that I check into Premier Health and Wellness. When my husband told me – I reached out immediately to Dr. Edgerton who quickly made me feel very comfortable. He answered all my questions exchanging several e-mails before making my appointment. After meeting Dr. Edgerton and starting on the plan he suggested, I knew my guardian angels had been looking out for me! Dr. Edgerton made me feel very comfortable and his sincerity to help was felt immediately. My gratitude is heart felt when I say thank you to Dr. Edgerton and Dr. Edgerton for caring about those of us beyond child bearing age! Hormones, or rather the lack of hormones, were controlling my life ….. Now, with the help of natural HRT, I’m in control again! OH YES – life is good!* I have also switched to a natural thyroid replacement medication and could not be happier. I sleep so much better at night and feel better, overall, on the natural medication versus the synthetic. I have nothing but positive comments regarding Bioidentical Hormones and the entire staff of Premier Health and Wellness; everyone is extremely professional and responsive. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Edgerton, and Premier Health and Wellness, to anyone who seeks an opinion! “


“I’ve been feeling much better since I started taking Bio-identical hormones. I have more energy and I’m feeling less moody. No migraines and night sweats during my PMS!!!! I’m very thankful to Dr. Edgerton and his team.“


“I would like to share my story of how taking bio-identical hormones and working with Dr. Edgerton’s group changed my life. I am still so thankful every day and take every opportunity I get to share my story in an effort to help others who may suffer from menopause. I started having, I would say, moderate symptoms that quickly became severe when I was 48 (almost 3 yrs. ago). When I say severe, I couldn’t focus at work, I was always exhausted, I couldn’t sleep at night, I had day & night sweats, I gained weight…you name it, I had it and felt it. Initially, I went to see my gynecologist who ran blood tests indicating my results were within normal ranges. We tried several different birth control medications (for the estrogen/progesterone) and none worked. When he indicated he didn’t know what else to do, I felt so defeated but I wasn’t giving up. I had been doing some research and wanted to try bio-identical therapy and coincidentally Dr. Edgerton was in the same practice as my gynecologist so he suggested that I see Dr. Edgerton. Once you finally have a doctor and staff that empathize with you and understand what you are going through, you immediately begin to feel that there is hope. I owe that to Dr. Edgerton and his staff. They explained that just because your hormone levels are within the standard ranges, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are normal, especially if they are in the low end of the range. The idea is to get your hormones at the maximum level and this is exactly what they did with the bio-identical hormone therapy. I started seeing Dr. Edgerton in February, 2009 and after a few adjustments to the Bioidentical Hormones medications, by April, I was feeling so much better (no more sweating, focus was back, etc.) and the extra bonus was the weight really started coming off. Keep in mind, I had been going to the gym but I wasn’t getting any results…until my hormones were properly working. My weight was 143 in February and by July I was weighing 122 and I continued to lose. I couldn’t believe it and still I’m amazed which is why I want to help others. I have kept my weight at 115 for over a year now have never been more fit and healthy than I am now at 50…almost 51. I want to thank Dr. Edgerton and his staff who helped me tell ‘my story’…with a happy ending.”


“The wet sheets and pillow I could take. Changing sheets everyday was just a time inconvenience. But the lack of continuous sleep was having its toll. All I wanted was a full night’s sleep. Something was wrong and there had to be some relief. My GYN referred me to Dr. Edgerton. I was willing to try anything. After the assessment and prescribing natural hormones to me, to my surprise, within weeks the night sweats were gone and I was sleeping through the night. I felt like myself again, charged with energy. But what really surprised me and my hairdresser was the body and life that was restored to my hair as well. I felt younger, looked younger, and had more energy and hair than any of my friends, who unfortunately still doubt the possibility of not suffering through menopause. With bio-identical hormones, so much is possible.”


“I wanted to thank you for making me a happier, more energetic person. I went in to see Dr Edgerton because I was borderline depressed and had very little energy. His blood analysis showed me to be severely anemic, vitamin D deficient and very low on testosterone. This information, along with the food test results indicating an extreme allergy to some of the food I was eating every day was a big eye opener. Now, 3 months later and I much happier, energetic, less edgy of a person and give Dr Edgerton all of the credit. I don’t know if I’ve lost too much weight but the puffiness in my cheeks went away so EVERYONE has been asking me how I lost weight…it’s crazy great. Thanks so much for giving me the boost I needed!”

Lisa T.

“I am actually sleeping deeply through the night…and my libido is the best it has been since my 20’s!”

Samantha S.

"I am so glad that I found Premier Health and Wellness for my medical needs. I was suffering with symptoms that no other physician could help me with. I was seen at several different clinics, only for them to tell me I was completely normal and they all made me feel, like I was going crazy. Then I found Dr. Edgerton and Premier Health and Wellness thru a friend and I am so extremely grateful to them. Dr. Edgerton and the staff at Premier Health and Wellness spent the time with me, to uncover what was really going on with my health and 3 months later, I feel better than I did in my early 20’s and I am 59 years old. I am a new woman and have referred many of my close friends to Premier Health and Wellness!”

Janet P.

“Bio-identical hormones have made a huge difference in my life. I have more energy, lost weight that I wouldn’t budge before, less irritable and sleeping again. My family likes me better and I feel like I am a new person. Thank you Premier Health and Wellness and Dr. Edgerton for your personal attention to my health and well being.”


“I went to several other places and actually felt worse, with what they gave me. Dr. Edgerton is an Ob/Gyn and truly understands how women’s bodies work and how hormones play a part in how we feel. He was able to wean me off my anti-depressants and I have started on natural neuro-transmitter supplements, which have made a huge difference in my overall mood.”


"I asked how long it would take to see results. Dr. Edgerton told me that most people see results in 4 – 6 weeks. In 2 weeks I saw a huge difference in my energy, focus and libido!”

John S.

I just LOVE this place!! I went in nervous for laser hair removal and to my surprise, it was quick and actually painless! The aesthetician was so great and so nice. She made me feel really comfortable. They also carry Eminence which is my all time favorite organic skin care line. I couldn’t of left happier!

Kayli Q