Life Changing Testimonials

Our Patients Say it Best

"Absolutely the best Doctor's office and staff I have known."

Mike B.

"I got my body back! Hormone therapy is life changing! "

Shona G.

"The friendly, professional and courtesy manner of all the staff is very refreshing the time Dr. E takes to answer questions and concerns is wonderful. "

Cecilia S.

"I appreciated Holly being so thorough and taking the time to truly listen to my symptoms. I left feeling more hopeful than I have felt in a long time!"

Laura C.

"Dr. Edgerton always puts my mind at ease. I appreciate knowing I can schedule "in-between" my regular visits if needed. My husband and I are both patients of his and we're on our way to not just "looking our best" but also feeling our best which is even more important. Having a doctor who will spend time with you, who knows your history, and cares about your goals is so important! This is Dr. Edgerton! If something we try doesn't work on the first "go round" to help me achieve my desired results, he patiently sticks with it and asks "all the right questions" until we uncover the "why behind the what!" I really appreciate being treated with so much kindness. Trying to achieve better, or even optimal health is hard... especially in times such as these. I know my body doesn't like to respond like it did when I was younger. Knowing we can brainstorm and find the right answer without being rushed means everything! I am so thankful!"

Theresa P.

"Fantastic experience with warm and wonderful customer service! "

Michele T.

"The office environment is relaxing. The Staff is VERY Friendly. Dr. Edgerton is a pleasure to meet with and talk to. I would highly recommend this practice! "

Joe N.

"Holly and the whole staff are so sweet. Since I deal with Holly the most, I have to let you know That she is so competent and really cares about her patients! She is just phenomenal!!

Elizabeth F.

"Dr. Edgerton is so well-versed regarding bio identical hormones, supplements and nutrition and their use and effects on the human body. I trust his knowledge implicitly and have been seeing him for at least ten years now. He continues to acquire knowledge as research is published and incorporates this into treatment plans. I see Kory for laser hair removal. She is highly knowledgeable, as well, and provides excellent services. She is so personable, I feel like I’m seeing a good friend every time I go in, which makes having this type of service so much less intimidating. She’s careful, very professional and puts me at ease by talking about family and traveling, so nice!"

Lois J

"I am completely unwilling to leave Dr. Edgerton and his staff despite the fact that I moved to San Antonio. I have never received anything but the most professional and compassionate care with Holly, Stacey, Dr. E. Or anyone in the practice. I tell women I know in San Antonio that being a patient here is worth the trip!"

Michele B.

"What a great experience to be able to sit down and talk about achieving real health and wellness in a two way conversation. Dr Edgerton is so studied and knowledgeable about everything. Two years into it I’ve not felt this good overall in decades. "

John H.

I have been seeing Dr. Edgerton for over a year and his work and care have changed my life. After surgery several years ago my health was slowly deteriorating and I didn't know the cause until I learned, through research, about hormone replacement therapy. I had so many symptoms which seemed to point toward that as the cause, I decided to pursue the therapy as a possible solution, and that was definitely the right decision for me. I searched for the best physician I could find in the field of HRT and made an appointment with Dr. Edgerton who was a 5 star physician. Over the past year Dr. Edgerton has brought my hormones in balance which in turn corrected problems with my skin, hair, teeth, nails, sleep, mood, and stress coping abilities to name just a few improvements. Dr. Edgerton worked slowly with the doses and now I feel better than I have in years. Before the year was over I started dating and am now engaged! For a retired widow that was certainly a surprise! So thank you, Dr. Edgerton, for taking care of me and giving me back my life!


I LOVE this office .  Staff is very nice and attentive. Dr. Edgerton is a life saver.  Was having night sweats, emotional moments, mood swings and anxiety at times. He put me on Hormone replacement therapy and I'm a new woman!  I got my life back.  Back in the gym lifting hard and I have the energy to do it.  My skin and hair even look better.  Can't thank this office enough for ALL they do and have done .  I highly recommend Dr. Edgerton and his office.


Premier Heath & Wellness is an excellent resource for anyone seeking to improve their health. Dr. Edgerton is great and truly cares about his patients. Kori is an excellent aesthetician. The whole staff is helpful and friendly. Five big stars!


austin hormone doctor
I found Dr. E to be thoughtful and thorough. His whole staff is amazing from start to finish . I’ve been seeing him for about 3 years and I feel alive again. He’s also got a gadget in there that can melt off targeted areas of fat . I can’t recommend them enough.


austin hormone doctor
Having been a patient of Dr. Edgerton's for more than 6 years, I would unhesitatingly recommend him to anyone. He is professional, kind, caring and thorough. Under his supervision of a hormone therapy, I have never felt better, and my overall health is quite improved.


austin hormone doctor
I am extremely impressed with Dr. Edgerton and his staff. They are always courteous and meet all of my needs with accuracy and promptness. Dr. Edgertons' knowledge of balancing the body is unsurpassed. I would not hesitate to recommend Premier Health and Wellness to my family and friends.


austin hormone doctor
Love working with Holly. She is very professional, yet knows how to draw you in personally. Really gets to know her patients and listens to your needs and concerns. Very happy and satisfied!


austin hormone doctor
As a strong believer in the benefits of hormone replacement, I was thrilled to discover Dr. Edgerton. His knowledge goes far beyond hormones, and he is always responsive. However, his attention to women's hormone needs makes him a rare find.


austin hormone doctor
Dr Edgerton, Holly, Denise, Stacy, and the entire staff are great! They Are super helpful, and always available!