The Benefits Of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Our bodies were created to function perfectly without the assistance of medication and each of our systems should work together to keep us healthy — this includes the systems responsible for keeping our hormone levels healthy. However, as we grow older, our bodies do change and may not function as perfectly as they once had. Additionally, we do not live in a vacuum and the environments we live in play a large role in how our bodies function during our day to day lives. Sometimes, our environment is responsible for placing stress on our bodies. Whether it is our diet, or circumstances in our relationships and work which we cannot control, our bodies respond by releasing stress hormones called cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones can negatively impact anyone, but they are especially hard on the body of an older adult.


Hormones hold an important role in keeping our body functioning as it should be. But, as we grow older, we experience menopause or andropause, which results in the absence of important hormones in our bodies.


This is where hormone replacement therapy can make a significant difference in your everyday life. There are many benefits of hormone replacement therapy, including:


1. Hormone Replacement Therapy Increases Your General Well-being
Individuals who participate in hormone replace therapy, report feeling more physically well quickly after beginning treatment. Generally, our patients report an improved mood, a decrease in depression symptoms, more quality sleep, a decrease of muscle aches and pains, and a sharper mind.

2. Hormone Replacement Therapy Keeps You Looking Young
After participating in hormone replacement therapy, older adults are thrilled to find they look and feel younger than before. The hormones used are attributed to younger, brighter looking skin, firmer and fuller breasts, and a normalization of weight.

3. Hormone Replacement Therapy Enhances Libido and Sexuality
Many older adults have excepted a decrease of their libido as an unavoidable reality of growing older — we do not think that has to be the case! Time and time again, hormone replacement therapy has been shown to enhance libido and sexuality, making sex more comfortable and more enjoyable.

4. Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Improve Your Long-Term Health
Even though it is important to look and feel your best, these are not the most important benefits of hormone replacement therapy. More recent research suggests hormone replacement decreases the risk of experiencing several health conditions. For instance, the absence of estrogen has long been associated with an increased risk of osteoporosis in adult women. Because of this, many researchers believe participating in hormone replacement therapy can decrease that risk. Additionally, hormone replacement therapy can decrease your risk of colon cancer, dementia, and heart disease.


If you are experiencing symptoms associated a decrease in healthy hormone as the result of menopause or andropause, hormone replacement therapy can improve your quality of life by improving your health, enhancing your libido, helping you look and feel younger, and lower your risk of conditions associated with aging. To find out if hormone replacement therapy is a good option for you, call 512.459.4405 or click here to schedule your first visit with Premier Health and Wellness.

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