The Vampire Facial: What’s it All About?

Are you searching for a way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines? Do you prefer a non-surgical option? If so, there are a few procedures to consider.

A newer approach that’s gaining traction is the PRP – plasma-rich protein facial, more commonly referred to as the Vampire Facial. This procedure combines plasma and platelets from your blood and other rejuvenation techniques.

When this procedure is selected, it triggers collagen production. Collagen is, essentially, the latticework of your face. This means the PRP (Vampire) facial helps to improve, smooth, and tighten the skin. Keep reading to learn more about the scary sounding, yet extremely effective, Vampire Facial.

Creating the Platelet-Rich Plasma

The Vampire facial is a medical, rather than cosmetic, procedure. To begin, the team is going to extract a sample of your blood. Once extracted, the blood is spun in a centrifuge to extract the protein-rich plasma. The next step is to extract the platelets. Finally, the sample is concentrated, which is what’s called the platelet-rich plasma.

What Happens During the Vampire Facial Treatment?

The first step in the Vampire facial is to spread the plasma on your face. Microneedling is then applied across your forehead and cheeks to help your skin absorb the proteins.

Just as the name implies, microneedling is a procedure that creates superficial, tiny punctures using sterile needles. Both the microneedling and PRP help to stimulate collagen growth. They are also more effective when used together. With this treatment, issues related to signs of aging are attacked in two ways – under the skin and on top it.

Enhancing the Results of a Vampire Facial

If you have facial areas with deeper wrinkles or lines, it may also be necessary to inject Botox and/or hyaluronic acid fillers. The purpose of the fillers is to restore the volume that the face loses naturally as a person ages and the Botox keeps your facial muscles from contracting.

Botox helps to reduce dynamic lines (i.e. crow’s feet) occurring due to the overuse of muscles. In many cases, all of the mentioned modalities are used so, when acting together, they can treat the entire face.

If you decide the Vampire facial is right for you, it’s necessary to have your blood drawn. You may also experience a bit of pain and some bruising from the microneedling. To achieve the best results, you need one or two treatments a few months apart. It may also be necessary to invest in additional maintenance procedures as the time passes.

After the treatment, most patients report noticing improved skin volume, skin tightening effects, and improved skin tone.

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