What is pellet therapy?


Pellet therapy is simply a delivery system for bio-identical hormone. Instead of creams, injections, pills, or patches…. specially compounded pellets are inserted under the skin. Typical sites for insertion include the buttocks or the “love handle”. Insertion procedure is less than 15 minutes. Pellets are small and cannot be felt under the skin.


What is the benefit over other types of hormone therapy?


  • Pellet therapy provides constant levels in the body. This minimizes the peaks and valleys of other forms of hormone therapy.
  • Another advantage is that you don’t have to apply a daily cream or inject yourself weekly. Pellets typically last 3-5 months! You come to the office 2-4 times per year!


If you are interested in Testosterone Pellet therapy:


  • Call the office to schedule an insertion.
  • Existing patients can schedule their insertion now or when there current testosterone prescription is running out.
  • Blood work will be required 6 weeks after insertion and prior to future implantation.