The absolute hardest thing to achieve is weight loss.  There are thousands of diets and programs promising a Magic Bullet & quick results.  Unfortunately, most of these plans don’t promote healthy living.  Additionally, often weight fluctuates as a result of fad dieting.  Science tells us that this is the worst thing for our bodies.


We have a number of obstacles as Americans that adds to this dilemma:


– We live in a fast food nation and “Supersize” everything

– Portions are way out of control

– Healthy foods are more expensive

– Boxed/canned foods are stripped of nutrition so they last on the shelf longer

– Since food is more processed, there is a higher chance for intolerances


The Plain Truth

No pill, injection, gel, or cream will provide healthy sustainable weight loss. Popular diets using phentermine or HCG put our bodies in an un-natural state. Most patients we see on or after these diets have already gained the weight back. The reason is that proper nutrition and exercise were ignored!

We have put together a system to diagnose and treat abnormal weight gain.  We look at it as a puzzle with multiple pieces needing to be arranged in perfect order.


We can help with:


– Hormone deficiency testing

– Gastrointestinal evaluation (bacteria, parasites, inflammation, etc.)

– Evaluation for diabetes / insulin resistance

– Food intolerance testing

       – Guidance on Fasting




Ultimate Performance Add-On Recommendations

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