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Whether it be summer or winter, many people tend to have that urge to have some extra color to their skin. People get caught up in the summer fun and forget to apply sun protection, or even purposely put their skin at risk just to get that bronzed glow. Then in the winter, we think we don’t need sunscreen because it is cold out. Protecting our skin from the harmful UV rays is a year-round recommendation.


  1. It decreases your risk of developing deadly cancer. Using sunscreen every day, even when it’s cloudy or rainy, dramatically decreases your risk of developing skin cancer. Whether or not you can visibly see the sun during the day, those UV rays are still reaching your skin.
  2. It keeps you looking young. The number one cause of premature aging of the face is ultraviolet exposure. Sunscreen is needed to slow down the process of developing wrinkles and leathery skin.
  3. It keeps your skin tone even. In addition to slowing skin aging, it also prevents facial brown spots and skin discolorations.
  4. It protects you from more than sunburn. If you have ever had a sunburn, you understand just how unpleasant it can be. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are two other health issues that can arise from extended sun exposure. By properly protecting your skin, you are also protecting yourself from other possible issues.


It’s important to choose the right sunscreen for you and your family. Many products contain harmful chemicals that can mimic the hormones in our body.

  1. Spray- more convenient than lotions and good for parents applying sunscreen for children. With sprays it’s especially important to apply a generous coat and more frequently.
  2. Built-in Sunscreen- Some moisturizers, lipsticks, and foundations contain sunscreen. This option is great when you won’t be spending much time outdoors and are good for everyday protection.
  3. Mineral- or hypoallergenic sunscreens are for those with sensitive skin. These types sit on the skin instead of being absorbed into it, providing protection without irritation.

As far as the details of the sunscreen, just make sure it offers broad-spectrum meaning it protects against both UVA and UVB. Be sure it has an SPF of 30 or higher and is water-resistant. Be aware of the ingredients. We only recommend Elta MD and Eminence products because we have found them to be some of the safest on the market. CLICK HERE to see our products.

Applying sunscreen is an extremely important step that needs to be a part of everyone’s daily morning routine. Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer that can be prevented with one extra step. It’s important to start early, get yourself or your family in the habit of using that daily protection. You can still get that desired color to your skin while also protecting and caring for your skin for the future.

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